Cheltenham Vascular Unit

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The Vascular Lab

Examinations are undertaken in dedicated air conditioned scanning rooms.  Where required they may be performed by the bedside in intensive care unit or in the operating theatre.

One stop clinics’ in out-patient departments also represent a large part of the service provided by vascular scientists.

A regular investigation is assessment of the Ankle Brachial Pressure Index which measures blood flow to the legs when resting and when exercising.  
Another non-invasive procedure is the detection of volume changes from blood flowing into and out of different parts of the body which is known as plethysmography.

Measuring blood flow in the legs
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Providing a non-invasive vascular diagnostic service for a wide range of vascular disorders.  The majority of investigations are performed using colour duplex ultrasound machines.  These machines combine imaging and Doppler ultrasound allowing simultaneous visualisation of blood vessels and of the way blood is flowing.

Investigations are carried out either at the Nuffield Hospital Cheltenham or at the vascular lab at Cheltenham General Hospital.  The Vascular lab provides both private and NHS service with direct links to the Consultant Surgeons.